What to do when restaurant isn’t child-friendly

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What to do when restaurant isn’t child-friendly

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Here’s what to do with your little ones when the restaurant isn’t child-friendly.
When you have little ones, getting the family together to sit down for dinner at home can sometimes be a challenge.

Getting your 3-year-old to sit down and be still for more than half an hour is in itself a difficult task.
So when you decide to head out to a restaurant for lunch or dinner, you already know that trouble awaits.

Most parents know that if you really want to have a reasonably stress-free restaurant experience with kids, it’s best to opt for a kid-friendly place.

One that offers a play area, space for little ones to run around, or restaurant staff to keep them entertained. Those are places where mom and dad can sit back and enjoy a meal.

However, there are times when, as parents, you would want to try out a new restaurant, or your family receives an invitation to lunch at a place that isn’t kid-friendly. With no play area in sight, here’s how to keep your little ones entertained while waiting for their food.

Keep them busy
Always go armed with goodies to keep your little ones entertained at the table. There’s nothing worse than having a child chanting “I’m bored!”

Even if it means you have to take an extra bag! Colouring in books is a lifesaver — just don’t forget to take the crayons along.

If you don’t have a colouring-in book, any piece of paper will do. Pen and paper are pretty much all you need. Teach them how to play tic-tac-toe or any easy game that doesn’t require an actual game board.
This is a great way to interact with your child at the table. Colour in with them or draw little pictures for them to copy. Kids love it when mom or dad get in on the fun.

Order a simple snack as soon as you sit down. Getting something light to nibble on while you decide what to order as your main meal will keep the “I’m so hungry” moaning at bay.— IOL

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