Stock Market Weekly Review

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Stock Market Weekly Review ZSE

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The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) had a negative performance for the week ending Tuesday, February 20, 2024.

The ZSE All Share Index, which tracks the performance of all the shares listed on the exchange, fell by 5,31 percent during the week to close at 496 993,42.

This decline was led by losses in the ZSE Top 10 Index and the ZSE Top 15 Index, which fell by 5,42 percent and 5,84 percent, respectively.

Top Fallers

The biggest losers on the ZSE this week were Meikles (-26,06 percent), OK Zimbabwe (-18,24 percent), DZLH (-16,92 percent), Econet (-16,13 percent), and Turnall (-15,75 percent). DZLH was hit by a sell-off after its share price had risen sharply in recent weeks. Econet and Turnall were also among the week’s biggest losers.

Despite the overall decline in the market, there were some bright spots.

The Small Cap Index, which tracks the performance of smaller companies, rose by 6,96 percent during the week.

There were also five risers in the Top 5 Risers list, with Mash leading the way with a gain of 30,36 percent.


Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) also had a mixed performance this week. The Cass Saddle Agric ETF and the Morgan&Co Multi-Sector ETF remained unchanged, while the Datvest MCS ETF fell by 3,98 percent.

The Morgan&Co Made in Zim ETF rose by 1,15 percent and the OM ZSE Top-10 ETF fell by 1,60 percent.

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