Where has all the Tupperware gone?

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Where has all the Tupperware gone? Tupperware is seen to be a “luxury” food storage brand.

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While some of us are still recovering from the Christmas and Boxing Day food comas, there are some mothers who are trying to track down all their Tupperware containers.

When families get together for traditional Christmas family lunches, everybody does their bit and brings along their signature or assigned dishes to the feast.

Every year, despite the attempt not to cook too much food, there’s always way too much food which of course means leftovers for all.

Some people wisely opt to bring along their dishes in the platter or bowl they intend to serve, while others, not so wisely, will transport their dishes in Tupperware.

Tupperware is seen to be a “luxury” food storage brand.

For those who do own these elite containers, it’s considered a brag to rock up at a gathering with your food in one.

However, showing off your pricey containers might come at a price if you accidentally leave them behind.

Whether you leave it behind accidentally or it accidentally leaves the lunch venue in someone else’s hands, the chances of getting back are slim to none.

The same applies to the host who, oh so so graciously, sends their guests home with leftovers stored in their expensive Tupperware.

Giving someone leftovers in Tupperware pretty much means gifting someone that container.

You might as well make peace with the fact that it will never be returned because trying to retrieve your precious containers is often a futile exercise.

Twitter user @JohnGoliath82’s tweet accurately sums up the feeling of regret and loss Tupperware owners feel after the festive season.

He tweets: “Right now, there are people
all over South Africa wondering if they’re
ever going to get their Tupperware back.” — IOL.

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