Customer is always king

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Customer is  always king

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Blessing Nyatanga

Mahatma Gandhi once alluded that customers are the most important visitors on our premises that is they are not dependent on us, but we are dependent on them.

It is imperative from the above notion that we dissect the grey areas concerning customer service and perhaps demystify it.

This article will attempt to outlay the integral aspects of handling customers in the most appropriate manner. The most fundamental aspect of customer training entails understanding the 21st century. The customer in the 21st century has certain demands that appear complex prima facie albeit it is integral to address these demands to retain customers.

The customer of the 21st century is intelligent and knowledgeable. This alludes that modern day organisations should ensure that quality service is delivered as customers have full knowledge about other organisations offering the same service and could easily be lured there. The 21st century customer has high expectations, wants to form relationships as well as being impatient. It is imperative to ensure front liners have the emotional intelligence to handle clients with top of the range care while ensuring relationships are formed to retain clients. Customers should be respected and understood as this forms part of their demands.

It is in the best interest of organisations to provide a remarkable customer experience. The meaning of remarkable customer has a deeper meaning than what is on the surface. The customer should be in a position to talk about the service proffered to them and share the news with other individuals who may actually be potential customers. Ultimately the customer should be a brand ambassador of the organisation. Another key aspect of providing services to customers is ensuring that the fundamentals of customer service excellence are well understood by the employees of every organisation.

This entails increasing customer satisfaction, delivering the correct brand perception and minimising the steps taken to a solution. Customers should be given prompt responses and quick solutions as they are impatient as aforementioned.

The customer should feel valued all the time and always attain the correct brand perception. Effective communication is also an integral part in delivering excellent customer service where both customer and the service provider fully understand each other. It is also important not to overlook the concept of marketing and sales when ensuring quality service delivery.

There is need to know the products being proffered with absolute certainty. This will help in the sales process albeit requires emotional intelligence where the service providers deliver service with patience and helpfulness.

Blessing Nyatanga holds a Bachelor’s degree in Banking and Investment from NUST.0784909184/[email protected]


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