Mukuru expands footprint to Uganda

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Mukuru expands footprint to Uganda

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Leading cross border money transfer service provider, Mukuru, is expanding its services in new markets like Uganda, offering remittance solutions alongside its established services in Southern Africa.

This is also in line with its focus on financial inclusion, enabling the financial services provider to offer options like USSD for areas with limited mobile data coverage.

“Financial inclusion is key,” says Mukuru enterprise sales manager, Kevin Nyakotyo.

“Our services need to be relevant and accessible in even the most challenging environments.”

By delivering aid efficiently and empowering businesses, Mukuru is playing a vital role in Africa’s development and financial inclusion.

In Zimbabwe, its service has reached the previously unbanked in rural areas who had no access to formal financial services.

Meanwhile, Mukuru is leveraging its secure and extensive network to deliver aid to millions in Africa – Zimbabwe included  and empower businesses with new services.

Having established itself as a trusted money transfer platform, Mukuru, is now distributing aid for organisations like UNICEF and the Red Cross.

This service ensures aid reaches vulnerable recipients directly, with end-to-end traceability to prevent fraud and ensure accountability.

Mukuru’s work with the World Food Programme (WFP) at the Tongogara Refugee Camp in Zimbabwe, exemplifies its commitment to aiding vulnerable communities.

The financial service provider has managed to distribute aid to thousands of refugees and employ camp residents, further supporting the community.

“Our money transfer system allows for complete traceability,” says Michael Scott, group head of commercial services at Mukuru. “This gives aid organisations peace of mind and allows for proper audits.”

Mukuru’s vast network, including over 1,000 rural booths, is crucial for delivering aid in remote areas.  This network is also being used to offer new financial services to businesses across Africa.

“We’ve built a network to reach people where they live,” says Nyakotyo.

“Now, we are extending our offerings to businesses and NGOs, leveraging the same trust we’ve established in person-to-person transfers.”

Through a self-service web portal, businesses can manage transfers, track progress and receive reports ensuring deliveries reach their intended targets.


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