FinKing to host National Business Awards this year

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FinKing to host National Business Awards this year

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Dr Keen Mhlanga

The FinKing National Business Awards are the most prestigious awards a company can receive, in addition to being among the country’s largest cross-industry, business size, and international involvement business competitions.

Since 2019, they have been honouring Zimbabwean business innovators, success stories, and ethical entrepreneurs, thanks to FinKing Financial Advisory. The FinKing Business Awards will be held on December 2, 2022, at the Crown Plaza Monomotapa Hotel in Harare, under the theme “Explore the Prospects.” The annual event isn’t just because they want a boost of confidence, a trophy, and a “well done.” The awards were created with the belief that business can play an important role in addressing the country’s most pressing concerns for economic stability and Vision 2030.

“It is also critical to acknowledge the well-established commercial viability brought in by young entrepreneurs. When selecting award winners, the pride and future of Zimbabwe, which is bringing a lot of innovation and perseverance, were also taken into account.” Executive Chairman Dr Keen Mhlanga.

“Entrepreneurship is viewed as a means of achieving social and economic development by young people. To succeed in their start-ups, create jobs, and have a significant impact in Zimbabwe, serious commitment from the government, as well as the private and financial sectors, is required. Endorsing for the development of entrepreneurship is central to the business spirit, mission, and work,” he continued.

Youth entrepreneurship is an essential response to youth unemployment and a stimulant for our economy’s growth and competitiveness.

There is a greater necessity to support initiatives and programmes that assist young people in starting businesses, beginning with entrepreneurship education and training, followed by information, advice, and mentoring, financial assistance, and infrastructure such as new ventures and young entrepreneur networks. Supporting young people in developing entrepreneurial competencies from an early age it seems to be a very useful aspect forward.

In Zimbabwe, encouraging female entrepreneurship is a social, economic, and gender issue. In reality, women-owned businesses contribute significantly to the social and economic development of every country.

As a result, the FinKing National Business Awards recognised women entrepreneurs’ potential and encouraged them to pursue long-term business growth. Given that women make up nearly half of the world’s population, it seems only natural that female business leaders are fairly represented; and females should be more fairly represented in all areas of society, not just the workplace.

A company’s reputation can benefit from award and quality marks because they distinguish it from the contest. They can also boost morale by highlighting members’ achievements. Winning awards for a young company can signal to the rest of the world that it has arrived and can assist in establishing its legitimacy. Business awards and recognition for more established players demonstrate not only their heritage, but also that they are still active and innovative. Achievements can also benefit a company’s bottom line.

Business awards are an undervalued tool in the marketing arsenal of any company. Being recognized may help you raise brand awareness and attract new customers.  Awards recognize achievement and hard work while also providing superb public relations opportunities.

It is wonderful to be recognized, so companies must ensure that they highlight what they have accomplished. Winning a business award can help a company win more contracts, find new suppliers, and enter new markets.

The process of obtaining a business award can frequently compel one to take a fresh look at their company and compare it to potential competitors. This will help businesses think about how they can do things better and identify opportunities for improvement, and it is one of the ways a company can profit that may be more beneficial than the award as its own.

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