African countries must share best practices to develop golf on the continent — Morocco

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African countries must share best practices to develop golf on the continent — Morocco The Hassan II Golf Trophy

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The Royal Moroccan Golf Federation has noted the need for African countries to share best practices in the sport of golf in order to encourage more players from all countries, a situation which will help develop the sport on the continent.

Federation Technical Director Olivier Edmond says golf is relatively a new sport in Africa despite some countries having already made strides in promoting the sports discipline. Edmond said this in an interview with journalists at the Hassan II Golf Trophy currently ongoing in Rabat, Morocco.

The Hassan II Golf Trophy is running from February 19 to 24 and Edmond is optimistic that with the Royal Family appreciating and supporting golf, the sport will continue to develop in Morocco.

Edmond says Africa can emerge as a stronger force in golf, if countries can work together and build relationships in this sporting discipline.

He indicated that leaders in their respective countries can play a huge role in growing golf as a sport on the continent, adding that this is how golf has grown in Morocco.

The trophy was coined in 1971 in the Kingdom of Morocco under the reign of His Late Majesty King Hassan II who was enthusiastic about golf as a sport.

Since then, the trophy has seen the participation of the world’s big names in the game, including Nick Price who won in 1995 at the peak of his career when he was referred to as the world’s number one in golf.

Edmond says the vision that the Royal family hard starting from 50 years ago is also symbolic that great strides can be made in the game, if leaderships in various countries can equally take that stance to directly support the sport.

Edmond added that Morocco will continue to make efforts to increase the number of players as well as improve on its infrastructure, as the vision is to be a top nation in terms of golf. — All Africa

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