Aehra: Sexiest SUV ever

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Aehra: Sexiest SUV ever

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Milan – The world will soon welcome a new Italian automotive brand called Aehra, and it wants to rewrite the design rulebook for cars.

The start-up has released images of its first product, which hasn’t even been given a name yet. And don’t expect to see it on the streets any time soon as this new SUV, along with a yet-to-be-revealed sedan product, are only expected to hit the scene in 2025.

Featuring a supercar-inspired monobody-type construction, the Aehra SUV will be battery powered, but we don’t yet know how powerful it is, as the company has released no further technical details.

Aehra says this product represents a peerless vision of “effortlessly elegant futurism”, with its unusually low front end with narrow, elongated headlights, as well as short front and rear overhangs. But the most striking feature is its skyward opening front and rear doors.

The vehicle also has an innovative aerodynamic management system, featuring movable elements at the front and back.

In the not-so-humble words of design chief Filippo Perini:

“With the Aehra SUV, we have shunned the conservative constraints that have encumbered all other car manufacturers in their approach to designing EV vehicles to date. Instead, we have taken a highly courageous approach.

“And at Aehra, this mindset drives not just the design of our vehicles, but every aspect, including engineering, the layout of the interior, the state-of-the-art sustainable materials we use and how we are redefining the entire customer journey,” he added.

Aehra hasn’t shown us inside the cabin, but the carmaker promises that it will be exceptionally spacious and capable of seating four NBA-sized players in total comfort.

Given that the brand describes itself as “ultra premium” you can expect it to be suitably luxurious too. – IOL Motoring.

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