Zinara angles to collect US$4.6 billion this year

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Zinara angles to collect US$4.6 billion this year

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The Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (ZINARA) has set a revenue target of $4,6 billion this year, according to a latest report by the authority.

With $1,4 billion collected by April, ZINARA is confident it is on track, exceeding the year’s budget by a remarkable 39 percent.

The revenue growth target can be attributed to a combination of factors, including potentially increased toll fees.

Tolling revenue contributed 44 percent to the overall collections, of which 63 percent was in foreign currency.

Toll fees for the premium roads (Harare-Beitbridge Road and Plumtree-Bulawayo-Harare-Mutare Road) were increased to US$4 from US$2 for lightweight motor vehicles, US$3 to US$6 for minibuses, US$4 to US$8 for busses, US$10 from US$5 for heavy vehicles and US$10 to US$20 for haulage trucks.

Zimbabwe’s critical Plumtree-Bulawayo-Harare-Mutare highway, a vital link connecting the country’s major cities, was rehabilitated in 2012 by the South African construction firm Group Five.

Toll fees for ordinary roads were raised to US$3 for lightweight vehicles, US$5 for minibuses, US$6 for busses, US$8 for heavy vehicles and US$15 for haulage trucks.

This year also sees ZINARA pushing for innovation.

By December, express lanes are expected at tollgates, with pilot projects already underway at Skyline and Goromonzi.

In addition, vehicle licensing is on target, with 607 863 units licensed by June, representing 72 percent progress towards the 850 000 targets for 2024.

Infrastructure development is another focus.

ZINARA is procuring designs and sites for two new toll plazas by December.

At least US$15 million has been disbursed under the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme 2 (ERRP2) to prepare roads for the upcoming SADC Summit in Harare this August.

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