Zimplow Holdings ramps up climate sustainability efforts

10 Jun, 2022 - 00:06 0 Views
Zimplow Holdings ramps up climate sustainability efforts Zimplow Chief Executive, Vimbayi Nyakudya

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Enacy Mapakame

Farm and mining implements supplier, Zimplow Holdings Limited is ramping up climate sustainability efforts to minimise negative impacts on the environment.

This comes as climate change is now presenting a major risk for businesses amid growing calls for proactive mitigation initiatives.

The world is under serious threat from the adverse impacts of climate change on agriculture and its value chains, mining sector, tourism, infrastructure and across entire economic activities and this has created scope for businesses to come with climate sustainability as ways to mitigate its impact.

The prevalence of climate change induced-disasters such as flash flooding, droughts and tropical cyclones have been on increase, not only in Zimbabwe, but across the region.

In 2019, Zimbabwe suffered massive infrastructure damages when a tropical cyclone Idai, hit parts of Manicaland, which caused production and supply chain disruptions as well as loss of human lives.

Zimplow chief executive officer, Vimbayi Nyakudya, said climate sustainability was a priority for the group, which has seen them carry out initiatives on energy, water and waste management to minimise the negative impacts on the environment resulting from business value chain activities.

“Our ambition is to achieve zero harm and environmental sustainability, which is being followed through with deliberate actions. We are looking at waste management, water and energy usage at our factories.

“We are also innovating towards enabling the business to immunise itself from the effects of climate change that we have seen affecting farmers who are also key customers for Mealie Brand,” said Nyakudya at the group’s analyst briefing.

Zimplow has a wealth of globally acclaimed brands of equipment covering various applications in agriculture, mining, construction, logistics and power systems, sectors which have all felt the adverse impacts of climate change.

Already, its business unit — Mealie Brand felt the adverse effects of climate change in 2021.

The lower-than-expected rainfall

pattern during the rainy season had an adverse impact on land preparations resulting in a slowdown of demand for local spares by 22 percent against prior year’s performance.

Unreliable weather patterns are posing negative impacts on businesses in agriculture and across value chains and the whole economy.

As a result, various listed and private firms are coming up with measures to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Diversified hospitality group, Meikles has a strong position on waste reduction and its Victoria Falls Hotel has adopted a green initiative that promotes the recycling of food waste for organic gardens.

This has been key in keeping the environment clean while reducing the amount of waste sent to the landfill.

This is in addition to making use of reusable glass bottles which has significantly reduced the amount of plastic waste they generate.

The business recognise the significance of biodiversity and takes reasonable care to manage its impacts on flora and fauna.

Key areas in which they manage biodiversity impacts include controlled usage of herbicides and pesticides in plantations, prohibition of hunting, controlled fishing in the lakes, and protection of natural and indigenous forests.

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