Zimbabwe’s film makes it to Emirates’ onboard TV channel 

13 May, 2024 - 15:05 0 Views
Zimbabwe’s film makes it to Emirates’ onboard TV channel  Fly Emirates

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Zimbabwean content is now showing on Emirates ice, among its over 6,000 channels with a movie titled Shaina making its way on the flight entertainment.

Having recently been crowned the global winner of the ‘Best Inflight Entertainment Award’ in airline ratings 2024, Emirates’ whopping 6,500 channels of high quality and acclaimed content makes it the world’s largest entertainment library in the sky and showcases diverse content from around the world – including Zimbabwe.

Drama lovers and fans can look out for Shaina, a movie directed by Beautie Masvaure, which follows Shine a doubting teenager facing the trials and hurdles of life.

Shine finds her inner resilience and potential as she is forced to rely on her own strength.

The story unfolds with Shine learning the true meaning of forgiveness and navigates her friendships and the family that she builds from love.

Passengers can also enjoy other top notch African productions from across the continent including Nigeria, Zambia, Uganda, Kenya and South Africa, on Emirates’ ice inflight entertainment system.

Customers on Emirates daily flights from Harare to Dubai via Lusaka can curate their own ice experience before their flight using the Emirates App by simply browsing and pre-selecting movies or TV shows on the app, which can then be synced to ice the moment they board, maximising the seamless travel experience.

Emirates inflight entertainment journey began almost 30 years ago, when it was one of the first airlines to introduce seat-back videos for economy-class passengers.

Emirates is also committed to setting industry standards and accessibility for people of determination and was the first airline in the world to introduce Audio Descriptive soundtracks and Closed Captions on movies on an inflight entertainment system.

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