ZB commissions high value clientele centre

23 Jan, 2023 - 00:01 0 Views
ZB commissions high value clientele centre ZB Financial Holdings (ZBFH) Group Chief Executive Officer, Shepherd Fungura shakes hands with Ntokozo Siziba one of the ZBFH staffers during the launch of the firm’s inaugural premium service centre as the group seeks to improve services to its high-value clientele, on Thursday.

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 ZB Financial Holdings (ZBFH), on Thursday, commissioned its inaugural premium service centre as the group seeks to improve services to its high-value clientele.

This particular transformation is the group’s step within its new strategy, “the peregrine shift”, which birthed the enhanced service centres, virtual service centres, and now upgrading to the premium service centre.

The premium service centre which offers a higher level of convenience, flexibility and personalised service from ZBFH, will be joined through invitation or recommendation by existing members.

Last year the group embarked on a transformation journey, to become a customer-centric and digital financial services group with an improved organisational structure, and operational model.

Premium services enable the selected customers to log in using a One ZB ID from which they will be able to access all the ZB Holdings services through the physical, virtual, and digital channels without any challenges.

“Today we are here to launch yet another innovation that ZB has developed to deliver happiness to our community of high net worth individuals. Our product offering will include preferred interest rates on certain products, specialised insurance products as well as third-party additions from our trusted value partner.

“The Premium Service Centre, is a business networking platform with personalised benefits designed to cater for high-value relationships offered through virtual and digital channels and also in-person,” said Pamela Chiromo the ZBFH board chairperson at the launch.

The premium service centres are currently located in Gweru, Harare, and Bulawayo with a provision to facilitate meetings in each of the 45 service centres across the country.

ZBFH group chief executive officer, Shepherd Fungura, said the premium service concept is part of the implementation of the group’s strategies that are meant to drive an ecosystem based on value creation, wealth creation, maintenance, and preservation for our mutual stakeholders.

 “The premium service centre is our latest offering in the bouquet meant to cater for high valued high net worth clients. The whole strategy is to grow business by being more human than transactional because we do not want our customers to just be offered a service without a proper welcome from the members of our staff,” said Fungura.

Weighing in, ZBFH board member Samuelle Dimairho said the innovation was a milestone in the operations of the group.

“Today we introduced our clients and the market to My ZB App which is an integrated application that allows a 360-degree view of one’s banking, insurance, and investment portfolio- all in one view. Now that is truly revolutionary,” said Dimairho.

Last year ZBFH tweaked its operations to offer integrated financial services like insurance and investments under one roof through a one-stop shop approach.

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