Wisdom for the Holidays!

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Wisdom for the Holidays!

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This Friday, many companies will be closed to facilitate their employees going on Holiday. There are some few which will be open.

The truth is that we all need to rest at some point in time, and it is a wise decision to allow your employees to go and rest and get to spend time with their families. They will come back rejuvenated.
Some people also get an opportunity to travel to various destinations of their choice owing to hectic schedules.

This is also a time where some people go to their rural homes to spend the holidays there. Believe it or not this is a time when many people are generally in an excitement mode, whether they believe in Easter or not.

Sadly, this is also a period when many people lose their lives on the roads, some due to cold blooded murders, and some people even lose their valued property, and other assets to burglary and criminals.
A lot of things do happen during this period. This week I want to share some thoughts which can guide us during this period.

Holidays come and go

This is a point many people always forget, Christmas comes and goes, but the wounds of bad decisions may not go. Do not make permanent decisions for temporary situations.

Do not be overexcited and forget that in 72 hours, the holidays will be over. This should inform even your spending habits. Remain disciplined financially. Work with the resources that you have. It’s not what you have, it’s the attitude that’s important.

Do not be too excited
It is very good to celebrate and to be excited, but avoid the temptation of overexcitement. This is where many people miss it during this period.

Many people over-drink during this period over excitement, and some cross several boundaries as well.
There are people who have never consumed any alcohol all their lives, but for one reason or another will do just because it’s a holiday.

Do not be overexcited stay true to yourself. Do not change just because of the season we are in.
Stay disciplined

You remember I once said that, holidays come and go. There is another part as well, discipline. Be disciplined in everything that you do.

Do not overspend over the holidays. School fees remain due if you haven’t paid. O-Level results are out, if A-Level is on the table the fees and uniforms are already due.

Do not seek to impress visitors by spending what you do not have. Do not borrow for the holiday.
Eat what is there. The most important thing is to be thankful with what you have. You will not have any stress or pressure thereafter.

Do not compromise your values
This is a period many people make a lot of compromises. There are people who are going to cheat on their spouses for the first time during this festive period.

Ask them what would have happened, “I was carried away”. Be clear on what your values are. Be clear that you will not sacrifice these values on the altar of convenience. Never compromise on your core values, as these go to the root of who you are.

Stay responsible
Truth be told, it’s very easy to lose your life despite the fact that you have lived it well all along. If you are going to be driving, please ensure that you drive responsibly.

The car presents one of the most convenient ways of moving from one place to another, but it can present a weapon if not properly handled, which can give you a cruel and horrible way of dying.
Drive roadworthy vehicles. I recall seeing one picture which was circulating on social media, “There are no airbags in this car, we die like real man”. This might be a joke, but the state of the car was really a source of worry for me.

Why risk your life by driving road-unworthy vehicles.

Do not take rides from road unworthy vehicles. I do not know why people sometimes get to desperation levels where they no longer care about what happens to them.

Several public transport vehicles will be on the road sometimes with patent defects. Do not risk your life.
Even if you do not get the transport, you can always apologise for failing to turn rather than to insist on a trip which may commit you to the morgue, and coffin. It’s always better to be seen than to be viewed.
The Traffic Safety Council has repeated that people should not drink and drive. This is always ignored, yet many accidents are often caused by drivers driving under the influence of alcohol.

I have lost several colleagues due to driving under the influence of alcohol. What a waste of life?
Do not drive when it is dark. Drive when the visibility is enhanced. There are some people who boast that they are good at night driving. Do not risk your life unnecessarily. A lot of things happen on the roads at night.

I deliberately took a position that I will not drive at night, I will rather drive when I can see clearly.
My life is more important than whatever business that I am driving to attend do. I will never die for a client! My family needs me more.

Stay secure
Stop posting about all your whereabouts. Nowadays it’s easy for people to be robbed. We cannot afford to keep quiet.

If you buy a watch you want the whole world to know. You buy a handkerchief you want the whole world to know, and when you travel you also want everyone to know that you are not at your home for the whole holiday.

What you are doing is simply exposing your home to criminal elements. There are people who follow your posts not because they like you, but because they want to find a way to you and to your home and property.

Sometimes it is good to have a shut mouth. You will not have any problems. If you travelling have security in place to secure your home, and your priced possessions.

Have insurance in place
A lot of things happen. Have your insurance in place. Do not travel with vehicle without full cover. What if you are accidentally bumped into? What if your car is a total write-off?

Get your funeral cover in place. I do not wish you, or even myself death, but death is real. Have your property insurance as well in place in case anything happens to your property.
Let me take this opportunity to wish all our readers Happy Holidays.

Arthur Marara is a corporate law attorney, keynote speaker, corporate and personal branding speaker commanding the stage with his delightful humour, raw energy, and wealth of life experiences. He is a financial wellness expert and is passionate about addressing the issues of wellness, strategy and personal and professional development. Arthur is the author of “Toys for Adults” a thought provoking book on entrepreneurship, and “No one is Coming” a book that seeks to equip leaders to take charge. Send your feedback to [email protected] or Visit his website www.arthurmarara.com or contact him on WhatsApp: wa.me//263780055152 or call +263772467255.

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