The 3 skills you need to be a good putter

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The 3 skills you need to be a good putter

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I’m the worst putter ever!”

Most of us have heard this phrase exclaimed from a playing partner or have perhaps even muttered these words yourself. But don’t fret! There is a way to overcome this damaging perception. I believe that there are three main skills you need to develop to be a proficient putter. The good news? The more you practice, the better you’ll become.

Skill No. 1: Green Reading
Do you know how to read a green? So many recreational golfers don’t even know where to begin. If you don’t have a green-reading process, you will struggle to decide where to aim your putt and at what speed to hit your putt.

I highly recommend learning the Aimpoint method of green-reading, or at least learning how to walk your putt line and feel the slope with your feet. Try asking yourself these questions while checking out the line of your putt: Am I walking uphill or downhill? Does my right foot feel lower or higher than my left? These observations will give you a starting point for reading the green. If you can’t feel the slope, kick your shoes off and try it in your socks.

Skill No. 2: Aiming Your Putter

The aim is often the suspected culprit when players miss putts. This skill entails placing the putter down behind the ball inline with where you think the putt is going to curve as it slows down into the hole.
Skill No. 3: Speed Control

“Never up, never in” — we’ve all heard these wise words from our playing partners. I personally don’t mind if my ball doesn’t get to the hole every time. Yes, I know it won’t go in if it doesn’t get all the way there but I would prefer to have a tap-in second putt than one that is farther away than where I started.

I focus on getting the ball to slow down near the hole, especially on putts outside of 15 feet. By paying more attention to which one of these three skills let you down on a given day, you can more easily identify what to work on for the next round. So, the next time you play golf, try to sort out your putting by practicing these three skills before tossing the putter aside in frustration. I’m confident it will help!
The best way to practice this skill is by choosing a spot to roll the ball over on the line you have chosen to the hole. If you go over the spot and the putt doesn’t go in, ask yourself if you misread the putt or if you hit it too hard or too soft.

If your ball misses your intended spot and doesn’t go in the hole, spend some time working on aiming your putter. You can also make sure you’re putting with a square face by practicing this drill. –

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