Sadc Industrialisation Week gears up

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Sadc Industrialisation Week gears up A pre-conference phase will involve IPAs submitting detailed profiles using a standardised template, ensuring a cohesive and informative exhibition experience

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The stage is set for a week-long focus on industrial development in Southern Africa. Ahead of the 44th SADC Summit, the upcoming SADC Industrialisation Week (SIW) scheduled from July 28 to the August 2, in Harare, Zimbabwe, will provide a valuable platform for Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) across the region to connect with potential investors and industry leaders.

The success of the SADC Industrialisation Strategy, of which the SADC Industrialisation Week is part of, will be measured in the investment flows towards industry particularly manufacturing, the number of companies and products and services that will emerge from the region, according to CZI chief executive officer Sekai Kuvarika.

“It will be counted in dollars and cents and the success of our economies and advancement of development,” said Kuvarika while giving remarks at a meeting organised by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to update SADC ambassadors based in the country on the SADC Industrialisation Week, Investment Conference and Exhibition.

Kuvarika said for the first time in its history, the SADC Industrialisation Week will have an Investment Forum meant to spotlight investment promotion.

Another key highlight of the SIW, will be the establishment of a dedicated pavilion specifically designed to showcase investment opportunities in SADC’s manufacturing sector.

“We are driven to push for the course of the manufacturing sector, because we believe that at the core of industrialisation is manufacturing,” Kuvarika said.

According to information obtained by this publication, the pavilion will offer IPAs from each member state a designated space to promote their unique investment opportunities in manufacturing.

A designated lounge area will facilitate interactions between IPAs and potential investors. Kuvarika said an invitation is being extended to IPAs from across the region to come and showcase what they are doing to promote investment in manufacturing.

“So, we have a special exhibition pavilion for the IPAs to come and showcase their promotion for manufacturing investments in the different jurisdiction from across the region.

“We are hoping that they will all be hear and people can come and visit all the 15 of them in one place, and this should generate leads for manufacturing investments which can then be followed up after the SIW,” said Kuvarika.

Each day of the conference will kick off with a ten-minute presentation by an IPA CEO, highlighting their country’s approach to promoting manufacturing investment.

Similarly, concluding each day will be another round of presentations, offering IPAs a platform to showcase specific investment opportunities.

“Priority for these presentation slots will be given to IPAs that register their interest first,” reads part of the information brochure.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing

Beyond presentations, the Investment Forum on Day 1 will feature video presentations from participating IPAs, further amplifying their reach. A pre-conference phase will involve IPAs submitting detailed profiles using a standardised template, ensuring a cohesive and informative exhibition experience.

The SIW is expected to attract a diverse range of stakeholders critical to SADC’s industrialisation goals. Delegations from SADC member states, particularly those involved with investment, trade and tourism agencies, will be well-represented.

Their presence is vital for fostering a collaborative environment that aligns regional strategies with national development plans, according to the information brochure.

Project financiers, including representatives from banks, private equity firms, and development finance institutions (DFIs), are essential for translating investment opportunities into tangible projects.

Their participation will ensure a clear understanding of financial instruments and available capital to support industrial development initiatives.

Local and regional companies seeking to expand their presence in the manufacturing sector are another key player in the SIW’s success.

Their engagement will not only showcase existing manufacturing capabilities within SADC but also identify potential areas for collaboration and joint ventures.

The SIW will also welcome representatives from regional economic blocs, international development agencies, and other organisations collaborating on industrial development initiatives.

These strategic partners bring valuable expertise and resources to the table, strengthening the regional approach to industrialisation and fostering knowledge sharing across borders.

Global thought leaders and specialists with expertise in various aspects of manufacturing will provide invaluable insights into current trends, best practices, and emerging technologies.

Their presence will elevate the discourse surrounding industrialisation and ensure SADC remains at the forefront of manufacturing advancements.

Established international companies exploring investment opportunities within SADC’s manufacturing landscape represent a significant source of capital and technological expertise.

Their participation is crucial for expanding SADC’s manufacturing capacity and propelling the region towards becoming a globally competitive producer of goods.

Representatives from research institutions and academia play a critical role in driving innovation and developing the skilled workforce necessary for a thriving manufacturing sector.

Their engagement will bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, ensuring a sustainable and knowledge-based approach to industrialisation.

The SIW also recognises the importance of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Entrepreneurs and businesses driving growth and innovation within the SADC manufacturing sector are the backbone of the industry.

The SIW provides a platform for SMEs to connect with potential investors, industry leaders, and other stakeholders, fostering an ecosystem that supports their growth and contribution to regional manufacturing.

Civil society organisations advocating for responsible and inclusive industrial development that benefits SADC citizens will be present at the SIW.

Their participation is crucial for promoting sustainable practices and ensuring that the benefits of industrial growth are equitably distributed.

The SIW has also garnered interest from international entities. Confirmed delegations from the Indian Franchise Association and Malaysia demonstrate the growing international interest in SADC’s manufacturing potential.

Their presence will broaden the scope of collaboration and opens doors for new partnerships that can contribute to the region’s industrial development.

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