Pepsi rebrands

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Pepsi rebrands Pepsi

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Leslie Mupeti

Pepsi, one of the world’s most recognisable brands, has undergone a significant rebranding for 2023. The new logo brings the word “Pepsi” back to the center, which is a return to the brand’s classic design.

The designers dug into the company’s archives to create a nostalgic logo that pays homage to Pepsi’s history while also emphasising the brand’s commitment to innovation and evolution.

One of the most notable changes in the new logo is the use of a darker version of blue, giving a contemporary edge to the Pepsi colour scheme. The blue colour has always been a key part of the Pepsi brand, and the new darker shade is intended to make the brand more modern and appealing to younger generations.

In addition to the new blue shade, the logo features a globe with a black outline. This black outline is intended to bring attention to Pepsi Zero Sugar, which uses black as its primary colour. Pepsi Zero Sugar has been growing in popularity in recent years due to its low sugar content, and the new formulation will have 57 percent less sugar than the previous version. By highlighting Pepsi Zero Sugar with the black outline, Pepsi is positioning the product as a healthier option for consumers.

Another significant change in the new logo is the removal of the corny smile that was present in the old logo. The smile was intended to represent the joy and happiness that Pepsi brings to its customers, but it was often seen as cheesy and outdated. By removing the smile, the brand is showing a commitment to modernisation and sophistication.

The new logo and branding strategy are part of a larger effort by Pepsi to stay relevant and adapt to changing consumer preferences. As the beverage industry becomes more crowded and competitive, brands must find new ways to stand out and connect with their target audience. By using nostalgia and modernisation in their new branding, Pepsi is positioning itself as a brand that is both classic and contemporary.

One of the ways that Pepsi is using nostalgia in their new branding is through the use of typography.
The new logo features a font that is similar to the one used in the 1980s, which is a nod to the brand’s history and legacy.

By using this font, Pepsi is tapping into the emotions and memories that customers associate with the brand, while also creating a sense of familiarity and comfort.

At the same time, Pepsi is also using modernisation in their new branding to appeal to younger generations. The use of the darker blue shade, for example, is a departure from the brand’s traditional blue and white colour scheme.

By using this darker blue shade, Pepsi is showing a willingness to take risks and experiment with new ideas, which is something that younger consumers often look for in their favourite brands.

Overall, the new branding and logo for Pepsi are a reflection of the brand’s commitment to innovation, evolution, and staying relevant in a crowded and competitive market. By using nostalgia and modernisation in their branding, the brand is positioning itself as a classic and contemporary choice for consumers of all ages. The emphasis on health, personalisation, and individuality also shows a commitment to meeting the changing needs and preferences of their customers. In conclusion, the new logo and branding for Pepsi are a welcome change for the brand, and they are likely to be well-received by customers.

The use of nostalgia and modernisation in the branding is a smart move, as it appeals to both older and younger generations, and the focus on health and personalisation shows that the brand is committed to meeting the needs and desires of its customers. Overall, the new branding is a sign that Pepsi is willing to adapt and evolve with the times, and that they are committed to staying relevant and competitive in the beverage industry.

Leslie Mupeti is a brand strategist and creative Innovator. He can be reached for feedback on [email protected] or +263 785 324 230. His Twitter and Facebook is @lesmupeti.

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