New Peugeot strikes

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New Peugeot strikes Peugeot E-3008

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Peugeot has come up with some eye-catching designs in the past few years and the new E-3008 is arguably the most striking of them all.

The French brand has released the first images of its new all-electric “fastback SUV” ahead of its full global reveal on September 12.

While the technical details have not been released as yet, it is widely reported that the new battery powered crossover will be the first Stellantis vehicle to be underpinned by the company’s new STLA Medium platform that was announced earlier this year.

The carmaker’s photo drop also reveals a futuristic looking cockpit design that’s destined to find its way into Peugeot models in the future.

It includes a new curved display on the top of the dashboard, and while traditional buttons and controls are kept to a minimum, Peugeot has added short cuts for commonly used functions like climate, navigation and phone, onto a small touch pad below the central air vents.

As mentioned the vehicle sits on the brand new STLA Medium platform, which will form the basis of many new Stellantis vehicles in the C- and D-segments, including Alfa Romeo and Jeep models.

The carmaker describes it as a “BEV-by-design” platform, and while no performance or range numbers have been divulged as yet, we do know that STLA vehicles will offer a range of up to 700km between charges, and power outputs of between 160kW and 285kW, depending on the model.

Furthermore, it accommodates both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive configurations.

The platform also uses a 400-volt electrical architecture to enable faster charging times.

As for the engineering side of things, the platform makes extensive use of rigid and lightweight materials, and it places a single-layer battery pack in the floor to maximise space efficiency and lower the centre of gravity.

While the E-3008 will help the French brand to further its electric car game, it remains unclear what will become of the current ICE versions of the 3008. — IOL Motoring

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