New Age Micro-Needling, secret to amazing skin

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New Age Micro-Needling, secret to amazing skin

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Skin needling isn’t a new concept in non-invasive anti-aging — nor is it simply a cool trend.

And honestly, who needs another beauty fad? It’s skin health or bust, especially if you need to treat conditions like scarring or when your skin needs a serious youth boost.

Treatments like Dermapen are popular (and very effective) if you want to hit that refresh button and set in motion-controlled micro-injuries for a skin cell renewal process.

The basics of skin needling mean triggering collagen and elastin thanks to controlled “micro-injuries.” In other words, your face receives teeny, tiny wounds. The skin then goes into recovery mode to take care of the damage done. But what’s so amazing is, the planned trauma leads to beautifully repaired and revived skin.

First: Do no harm

Yes, this all sounds like just the trick for skins needing an overhaul. But what about complexions that fight hard against injury? And to your skin tone’s detriment, those with darker skins (Fitzpatrick Skin Type V and Skin Type VI) need to always be watchful of anything that triggers skin injury—however small.

So the type of device user needs to be right for skins prone to trauma (even planned trauma). Why worry?

If you’ve heard of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) you’ll know dark skin tones may react and pigment from inflammation that hits skin during a treatment.

What’s left behind is tricky to treat; a dark spot or area that can be difficult to shift. So why even go there! A new-age micro-needling solution like The Secret™ RF means all skin types can reap the benefits of safe device-driven therapy.

So, what’s the secret?

This form of micro-needling works with radio frequency.

The beauty of pairing up the two in one treatment means controlled heat energy delivered to the skin at various depths.

Translation? The skin is cauterised as the needles hit. So not only does it trigger essential collagen for necessary skin repair, but there’s also no bleeding during treatment.

In other words, skin trauma is kept to minimum, and that means very little to no downtime. No one wants to deal with hiding post-treated skin for days and days. However if you want to deal with fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and issues like large pores and even stretch marks,

The Secret™ RF might just be your go-to micro-needling treatment of choice.

For those who say, “you can’t have everything” well, sometimes you actually can! Getting the treatment your skin needs to look its best — and boost its health — isn’t a question of sacrifice. The skilled Skin Renewal medical aesthetic team knows why The Secret™ RF works so well and will guide you according to your conditions.

Here’s to your ever-growing skin journey — there are so many beautiful things to come.
Want to know more?

Watch this space as we take a more in-depth look at Secret Micro-needling next!—IOL

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