National Foods expands sustainability efforts nationwide

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National Foods expands sustainability efforts nationwide

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National Foods is upping its game in corporate social responsibility (CSR) by expanding its impactful programs across Zimbabwe.

A prime example of this commitment is the establishment of a flagship programme in Victoria Falls, Matabeleland North Province.

This initiative focuses on supporting the education of both primary and secondary school learners.

The “Eco Warriors” as the students are affectionately known, come from diverse backgrounds and contribute to their community by volunteering eight hours per month.

According to group chief executive officer Mike Lashbrook, the programme signifies a significant step towards a more sustainable future for Zimbabwe, with a focus on environmental protection and educational opportunities.

“By investing in basic academic education, National Foods is addressing these issues at their root and paving the way for a more harmonious coexistence between humans and the environment”.

Further, by supporting clean-up initiatives, National Foods is actively helping to preserve the natural beauty of Victoria Falls and safeguard its ecosystems, according to Lashbrook.

He said the programme fosters a sense of ownership within the community, as the learners’ parents become actively involved in environmental protection through neighbourhood clean-up initiatives.

“This holistic approach highlights the interconnectedness of education and environmental sustainability.”

By empowering young minds and fostering a sense of environmental stewardship, National Foods is laying the groundwork for a more sustainable future, Lashbrook said.

National Foods’ sponsorship of clean-up initiatives plays a vital role in addressing the environmental challenges faced by this breathtaking destination.

This commitment sends a clear

message that National Foods is dedicated to environmental sustainability and believes in the power of collective action, according to Lashbrook.

The group’s support empowers community-led clean-up efforts by providing crucial resources and financial assistance, allowing local residents and volunteers to make a tangible difference.

The combined efforts of National Foods and these dedicated individuals create a cleaner and more sustainable future for Victoria Falls and its surrounding ecosystems.

National Foods understands that a successful clean-up campaign extends beyond the initial collection of waste.

“The company tackles the logistical challenges associated with waste disposal by providing fuel and cleaning materials for transporting collected waste to designated dumpsites.

“With an average of ten clean-ups held daily in Victoria Falls, this support is essential for ensuring proper waste disposal, preventing further environmental damage.

“It demonstrates National Foods’ commitment to streamlining the entire process, reducing the burden on local authorities and volunteers,” Lashbrook added.

The group’s dedication to environmental sustainability extends beyond clean-up initiatives as the company has partnered with the Pristine Victoria Falls Society to safeguard wildlife, particularly elephants.

This partnership has yielded significant success in deterring elephants from accessing the Victoria Falls Dumpsite.

By reinforcing the perimeter fence, National Foods and the society have prevented elephants from encountering harmful plastic waste that could lead to accidental ingestion and death.

“This initiative not only protects wildlife but also preserves the delicate balance between humans and nature in Victoria Falls,” said Lashbrook.

“National Foods’ expansion of its corporate social responsibility programmes across Zimbabwe signifies a promising step towards a more sustainable future.

“By investing in education, environmental protection, and responsible waste management, the company is setting a positive example for other businesses and fostering a culture of environmental awareness within communities,” said Lashbrook.

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