‘Laughter helps us survive’

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‘Laughter helps us survive’

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Laughter is the best medicine, and a study reveals that it’s a way to cope with life, a form of survival.

Although there have been theories based on what makes something funny enough to cause laughter; because, let’s face it, we find ourselves laughing in the wrong moments sometimes.

According to research done by Science Alert, there is a new possible explanation as to why we “LOL”, and it explains that laughter is a tool nature may have provided us with to help us survive.

Furthermore, it states that in order ‘to laugh’ ‘’it needs a situation that seems odd and induces a sense of incongruity (bewilderment or panic). Second, the worry or stress the incongruous situation has provoked must be worked out and overcome (resolution). Third, the actual release of laughter acts as an all-clear siren to alert bystanders (relief) that they are safe,’’ Carlo Valerio Bellieni said in a “The Conversation” analysis.

Have you ever laughed simply because you saw someone else laughing? The study suggests that laughing is contagious and brings people together. It’s what makes social experiences so wholesome, ‘Laughter is life affirming.’

I think many of us can vouch that when we share a laugh with someone it makes the moment special and joyous. It’s truly a cure for those days when you didn’t even feel like laughing. Furthermore, the study suggests that just as we find it necessary to breathe or eat, so it is important for us to laugh.

‘’The brain centres that regulate laughter are those which control emotions, fears, and anxiety. The release of laughter breaks the stress or tension of a situation and floods the body with relief,’’ he adds.

Hence, why there are forms of laughing therapy to help reduce those negative feelings and somehow turn it into something positive. For example, if you’re experiencing physical pain, watching a good comedy movie or series, research has shown signs of pain relief when you laugh.

This reminds me of the well-known movie Patch Adams, where Robin Williams plays the role of a doctor who treats his patients by using humour.

Laughter can attract us to the next person as well. Bellieni adds: “If someone’s ability to be funny inspires us to override our fears, we are more drawn to them. That could explain why we adore those who make us laugh.’’

Laughter plays a major role in our lives, whether we’re happy or sad. It keeps us going and allows us to overcome the obstacles we face. So, maybe it’s time to laugh even when life seems a little dull. — IOL Health.

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