Invictus prepares for drilling tests

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Invictus prepares for drilling tests

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 INVICTUS Energy has started constructing the site for its first exploratory well in Muzarabani where it is prospecting for oil and gas.

This is being done in preparation for drilling, which is expected to start in July this year, as the company enters a crucial phase in the development of the prospect.

The exploratory wells will give a better idea of the full extent of the oil and gas reserves in the Muzarabani prospect following the collection of more than 800 km of 2D seismic data in 2021.

The initial exploration work by Invictus has suggested the existence of a substantial amount of oil and gas reserves.
In an update, the company said: “Invictus Energy has commenced construction at the Mukuyu well site in Zimbabwe. The Mukuyu structure is independently estimated to contain 8.2 trillion cubic feet+ 247
million barrels of conventional gas-condensate.”

Invictus has contracted Exallo Drilling to provide drilling services while American company Baker Hughes was tied up for well services, which include cementing, drilling fluids, tubular running, installation of
wellhead equipment and project management.

Invictus managing director, Scott Macmillan, recently said the project was on course.

“The (drill) rig is mobilising in May and should arrive in Zimbabwe around mid-June, it depends on transit from Songo Songo in Tanzania,” he explained.

A second exploration well is also expected to be sunk at a newly discovered site.

“In addition to Mukuyu, there’s a basin margin play; it is a typical East African rift play; it is entirely separate from Mukuyu. We are mobilising a rig and there is only a small incremental cost to drilling this as well.”

American company Mobil once conducted limited exploration work in the area in the 1980s, which excluded drilling.
In 2020, the Zimbabwe government classified the Muzarabani project as one of the priority development projects, which would aid the country’s pursuit of its economic development agenda.

Zimbabwe is aiming to transform into an upper-middle Income economy by 2030.

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