How we will be living in 2022?

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How we will be living in 2022? Teachers are doing their utmost to ensure that their classrooms feel like a safe space for their students where they will be able to learn and thrive.

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After two disruptive years in and out of the classroom, with the majority of schooling taking place online, many schools across the globe will be initiating full-time in-person lessons in 2022.

During such uncertain times, the transition from home, a place of comfort and security, to the classroom, a foreign environment, can be difficult for children of all ages.

To counter these feelings, teachers are doing their utmost to ensure that their classrooms feel like a safe space for their students where they will be able to learn and thrive.

Online searches for “calming classrooms” have increased by 150 percent on Pinterest.

From the curtains, play area and rug to the educational posters with the alphabet — nature-themes taking inspiration from plants and the sun are on the rise.

Chill out areas with plush pillows and soothing colours as well as mini-meditation sessions being built into the school day, are going to be popular in 2021.

Spending time in nature has been shown to boost memory, reduce stress, and lessen feelings of anxiety.

Ultimately, the goal is to mimic this environment in the classroom to create a haven where children can be in the present moment and absorb as much as possible.

Animal-first architecture

Older Millennials are getting to the age where they’re either building and buying or renting property, usually for the first time. However, pets are still their main priority.

According to Psychology Today: “72 percent of childless millennial women explicitly state that they prefer the company of their pet over the company of children, 69 percent of millennial women who have chosen not to become a mother say that having a pet is easier than having a child.”

So, when it comes to their homes, they are taking an animal-first approach to their architecture, interior design and decor.

The pet-friendly designs are ultra-luxurious with some pet-parents going as far as creating mini apartments for their favourite furry friends. Searches for “luxury dog rooms” are up by 115 percent on Pinterest.

Beautiful, and over-the-top, pictures of cosy nooks, miniature beds, plush pet furniture and even mini paddling pools pop up under the search term.

Embracing your inner child

We’re heading into the third year of the pandemic and some people are feeling a little bit robbed of some of their most precious days.

Whether you’re in your early stages of adulthood or have just retired and were planning on travelling the world, the injustice of it all has people looking to more nostalgic times as an escape.

From Y2K fashion and beauty to arts and crafts for adults, fairy-themed decor and indoor swings, all things fun and kiddish are trending in the new year.

Many people will agree that “adulting” isn’t easy so a refreshing break from doing your taxes, paying off loans or running errands is being welcomed by older age groups like Gen X and Boomers with open arms.

Whether it’s through 1990s themed birthday bashes, wearing hair in pigtails or buying an adult colouring-in book, this trend is all about nurturing our inner-child by letting loose and going back to what we once loved so dearly.

Going goth

According to Pinterest insights for 2022, we’re heading over to the dark side to embrace goth-aissance. 

“Goth will make its way into the mainstream this year across all age groups — just not in the ways you might expect.

“Goth business casual, goth baby clothes and even goth kitchen decor are all trending up,” the report reads.

Ways of incorporating this trend into your lifestyle are simple.

Opt for darker colours, high ceilings and ornate architectural designs when it comes to decor. For fashion, deep shades of purple, crimson lipstick and dramatic eyes are the way to go. Ultimately, this is a trend for the youngsters.

As this movement transcends beyond the niche and into the public, it will spread into the online world, as with all good aesthetics, with keyword searches like “cybergoth” on the increase. 

What about Generation Z? They’ll use searches like “mall goth” to channel the love for 1990s nostalgia. — IOL.

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