How to become more consistent

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How to become more consistent Making mistakes is part of the journey

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Part III
This will be the final instalment in this series on how to stay more consistent. If you missed the first two articles you can go to the business weekly website ( and search for them or you can inbox me for the copy.

#4. Make mistakes
The reason some struggle to be consistent is because they are afraid of making mistakes. Sadly, the world’s default is punishing failure, but there is no growth without failure.
Making mistakes is part of the journey. They are actually healthy for you. You need to however, work on the quality of mistakes that you are making.

Always ensure that you have put in your best and exercised all due care and diligence. Mistakes are important for you to grow in your life and career.
You also need to change your approach and perspective on failure.

There is more honour in trying and failing than in not trying at all. We need to nurture a culture of embracing failure as part of the journey. Failure is not a sign of inability, it is a sign that you are putting in effort and most importantly it is a sign of your commitment to learning.

We grew up being told that “failure is not an option”. In school, teachers are reminding students that failure is not an option.
During our days if you failed an assignment you would receiving physical punishment. From school, you are consistently taught not to fail, how will you learn new things if you do not fail.

How will you know what doesn’t work, if you do not fail? Many still repeat this statement to the teams.
Truth be told, when you want to make progress in your business, you need to make failure an option.
Business is constantly under pressure to innovate and develop new products.

In the process of trying to develop these, they experience failures. That is life. It is not every time that you are going to experience success.
You are going to make mistakes, you are going to be disappointed. Failure has to be an option.
A growth result requires you to change your approach and attitude to failure. Failure is part of the journey and not the end of the journey.

#5. Plan with the end in mind
Know what you are aiming for, that way you can visualise each step to get there. What is that you want to achieve in life. Being able to see the end in mind can birth serious consistency.

Jadav Payeng
This man might be unknown to many people, but his work is quite remarkable. It’s one advert on National Geographic that drew my attention and curiosity to the extent of researching more on him.
He is known as the “Forest Man of India”. Since 1979, Payeng challenged by the death of several birds, and wildlife in his area, decided to plant trees.

He has been planting trees every day since 1979, and by consistently doing so, he has managed to plant over 1 400 hectares of trees, creating a forest, and thus earning him the title “Forest Man of India”.
Wow impressive! This story illustrates a very important principle of consistency.
You can do so much in life the moment you decide to be consistent.
Payeng’s consistency and commitment provided inspiration for the advert by Prudential’s in South Africa for their advertisement.

You can watch the video online to have a visual appreciation of his work. “Consistency is the real currency that matters.”

Imagine what you can do with consistency?
Imagine how different your life will be if you consistently focused on developing yourself.
If you are a student imagine what would happen if you consistently study your books, and commit to becoming a better person.

You can change your life if you choose to be consistent at what you do. One of the things I am often asked is how I manage to speak at big audiences and many other platforms that I speak.
My answer to this is very simple, I speak consistently. I consistently practice speaking, I make it a point to rehearse my talks, and by doing this I improve my communication. I write every day.

I do not sleep without writing something whether I am going to publish it or not. Do something daily that will push you closer to what you want to achieve in life.
No matter how small it might be, do something. Read something that puts you close, watch something daily that puts you closer to achieving your goals.

#6. Have faith
Sometimes you just need a little bit of faith to get started, and stay consistent. Stop putting yourself under stress.

Take that step of faith, you do not know what it will lead to.
I have met several people who say they acted on the advice I shared on several media platforms, and they say this literally transformed their lives.
Even the good faith tells us that, Faith is the evidence of things hoped for, the substance of things that are not seen.

#7. Don’t wait for the perfect time
Just to start. If you followed the video clip for Malume, this will shed some more light.
He never waited, he took the plunge, and the rest is history. He demonstrated to all of us, why it is important to leave your comfort zone, and throw yourself sometimes to the midst of the challenges, and not quit at the end of the day.

The conditions will never be right, they will be right as you move. Take the plunge. The best way to get something done is to just start.
No matter how the initial results are, you’ve taken a brave step. One that many are scared to.

#8. Remember who you are
Do you know yourself? If you do I am happy. Constantly remind yourself who you are. You are more than able. You are capable of achieving your goals.
You are stronger. You are braver than you think. You can achieve anything that you put your mind to.
Do not doubt yourself.

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