Feso hair care products now available in Zimbabwe

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Feso hair care products now available in Zimbabwe Feso hair products

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Globavel Investments (Globavel), has clinched a distribution deal for Feso hair products in Zimbabwe, bringing relief to hair enthusiasts, almost three years after its manufacturer relocated to South Africa.

Feso is a hair product line that is designed to protect, moisturise and nurture hair with premium ingredients.

The hair product range, which stimulates dead hair follicles back to life and helps restore scalp tissues damaged by chemicals and traction alopecia as well as stopping dandruff, was last available in the country in 2019 when its manufacturing firm relocated to South Africa.

Globavel Investments (Globavel) chief executive officer, Shephard Kembo said: “It is excellent for skin and hair.

When used on hair, Feso loosens curls which are easier to manage. The loosening lasts for a week, a testament to the excellent conditioning effect on hair.”

Feso was developed by trichologist and cosmetologist Dr Kuda Mupawose in an effort to find a homegrown solution to the hair loss problem.

As a result of the chemical processing of the hair, most African women have experienced hair loss which seems irreversible, but Feso is reversing all that, and has so far had excellent results in various countries including South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Feso, which is scientifically tested and approved by dermatologists, is available in seven products – Feso Growth Formula Spray, Feso n shea Growth formula ointment, Feso Deep Conditioning Masque, Feso Anti-Dandruff/clarifying shampoo, Feso liquid hair, anti-breakage, Feso ozonated H20 spritz, and Feso Anti-aging cream for skin.

Kembo said the new hair products were developed to “recognise the beauty and diversity of Black culture whilst saving consumers time and money”.

“Creating products that empower and recognise the individual beauty of each of us is at the heart of our strategy.

After a successful launch in South Africa, Feso is now available in Zimbabwe as part of our ambition to celebrate diverse hair care needs and create a more inclusive approach to beauty,” he added.

Feso hair products are currently stocked by main pharmacies in the country including Greenwood, Diamond, QV, White Cross, MedOrange, and Kings Pharmacies in Bulawayo among others.

“We would like to assure our customers that we have a lot of pharmacies and other retailers joining the current distribution network to make sure that Feso hair products are accessible to many Zimbabweans men and women who would like to make use of this effective hair product range with amazing results,” said Kembo.

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