Comment: NRZ-DIDG — the manifestation of an ideology

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Comment: NRZ-DIDG — the manifestation  of an ideology

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The composition of DIDG is impressive. It appears a well-structured entity with sound governance and operational models. The group is a locally represented entity proudly resembling global professional and technical standards. This resonates with a generation eager to contribute more significant input towards the nation that groomed them.
A repugnant era is hopefully drawing to a close; one where large deals are conducted in a shady manner that often rewards malevolent practices. Strangely, beneficiaries of such dealings have garnered undeniable admiration, yet, they are less than exemplary dealmakers.
Concurrently, as this societal dynamic has been taking effect, a subtle discontent has been growing amongst emerging professionals who have spent years sharpening their craft and accumulating globally competitive diligence – only to be broadly marginalized from the most lucrative assignments. As much as empowerment is evident at grassroots level it also has to flourish at the most lucrative end of commercial activity, such as the NRZ deal.
Socio-economic transformation will only occur when large deals are executed efficiently and potently. The NRZ deal has significant multiplier effect on the economy that will have benefits cascade through many sectors and stakeholders. The DIDG case is one that should be perceived as progressive hope. A new rhetoric will hopefully emerge that Zimbabwe can invest – awarding deals to locals is an investment- and count on returns from our own competence. Obviously, DIDG benefitted from a “citizenship premium” that is effected everywhere else in the world, but Zimbabwe remains shy to brandish.
Furthermore, DIDG was borne out of a citizen led initiative that carried through governmental rhetoric of diaspora involvement. This should encourage active reciprocation between public and private accountability to socio-economic outcomes. DIDG must be complemented for jumping onto the opportunity. The successful people of tomorrow are those who understand the socio-economic trajectory of the country, being well aware of the broader needs of the economy and spotting real value propositions.
Perhaps most impressive about the NRZ deal, is that it involves a face of credibility. The commitment made by global third parties of stature such as Standard Bank, Nedbank and RMB, lends credence to the fact that Zimbabwean business can be world standard business. These are some of the strongest and most reputable banks on the continent, and their commitment to the project stand testimony to the potential stature that our own citizens can find in driving globalization forward. DIDG has made a commendable entrance onto the scene. We hope to hear more about them in future.

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