ATW Africa forges partnership with APO

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ATW Africa forges partnership with APO The International Telecommunications Week Africa

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The International Telecommunications Week Africa (ITW Africa) has announced a strategic partnership with APO Group to promote the growth and recognition of the ITW Africa 2023 event within the telecommunications sector in Africa.

This comes as the telecommunications sector has been pivotal in driving activity in economies across the globe during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The sector facilitated e-commerce and working from home initiatives during the period and Zimbabwe is no exception. This has accelerated the adoption of digitalisation, which is facilitated by the telecoms sector.

In Zimbabwe, the Postal and Telecommunications Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has indicated demand for data and internet services will continue as businesses automate process, in an initiative strongly supported by the telecoms sector.

Now, the ITW Africa recognises the importance of expanding its reach and influence in an age where connectivity and communication are critical.

Both ITW Africa and APO Group share a vision of fostering innovation and collaboration across the African continent. Together, they hope to deliver significant benefits to the telecommunications industry.

Rosie Carr, event marketing manager of ITW Africa, expressed the shared commitment of both organisations to promoting excellence across the continent and creating a platform for industry pioneers to thrive.

With APO Group’s expertise, they are confident that ITW Africa will not only reach new heights but also drive transformative change within the sector.

Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard, Chairman and Founder of APO Group, highlighted the vital role of the telecommunications industry in Africa’s development and expressed his team’s honour in being a part of creating and communicating success stories related to digitalisation and connectivity infrastructure.

This partnership promises various initiatives, including enhanced media coverage, extended networking opportunities and a broader global reach for ITW Africa. Attendees at the upcoming ITW Africa event can expect a more dynamic experience, with a focus on groundbreaking innovations and collaborations in Africa’s telecoms landscape.

ITW Africa has a reputation for bringing together industry leaders and visionaries, providing a valuable platform for networking, idea exchange, and the formation of transformative partnerships. With the support and expertise of APO Group, this platform is expected to grow and strengthen further.

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